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Conferences, International, nation-wide

The Black Male Summit®, is a non-profit, faith-based, community program of events, and aims to present symposiums and colloquiums featuring the finest minds in education, criminal justice, Christianity, entertainment, and business, to identify, address, and find solutions to the myriad of issues black males in America's urban centers face each day.

We address subjects such as the cradle-to-prison problem, delinquency, marriage, policing, alcohol, drug use, and gun use, as well as how to navigate the institutions of higher education, how to handle the disparities in healthcare access, how to meet the demands of educational achievement, and more. These are the topics that lead this program intended to encourage and build up black males nationally and internationally. 

Urban Issues Influencing the Lives of Young Men

There are many issues that young men face in America. At The Black Male Summit® we want to make sure that young men understand that they are not alone in their struggle. Our program has been created to address local, national, and international issues that black men face. We are here to help them tackle and overcome these hurdles so that they can contribute well to our society.

Our Community

Our purpose is to engage the community locally, nationally, and internationally to address the myriad of issues that young men face. We want to encourage them to serve the Living God, complete higher education and start their own businesses. All concerned stakeholders are invited to attend and participate in discussions with young black men in attendance at our public events.

  • Educators
  • Safety Officials

  • Police Officers
  • Religious Leaders

  • Pastors
  • Family members

  • Extended Family   

The Black Male Summit® wants anyone concerned with making our communities stronger to help by assisting young men.